Moar Oscillators!

As per title lol. I noticed in your mockups for the next version that this may already be the case but just to re-iterate, having access to a few more osc would open up sound design possibilities. Thanks guys for being so awesome, ANA has become my goto synth. :smiley:

Also, an option to load two waveforms and a knob to fade between them! That would be insane. Bye bye Massive!

Yeah we have an extra analog (3 total) and extra noise (2 total)

thats 6 altogether!

theres also a ton of new waveforms to play with and some amazing new filters.

I do mainly sound design with ANA.

I would love to see additional noise generation available - (sounds like that’s in the works.)

Also, expanded Osc 4 -Attack sounds to include; breaking glass, gun shots, explosions, metal impacts (Anvil and such), and any other organic sounds would be cool.

Also, current rev is 1.03 - When and how will the next version be available?

Keep up the great work!

Using ANA is very awesome! It’s like using a sound effects in the film. Very crystal clear!! I recommend it to use by everyone because it has a good performance!