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I really like ANA 2 but 1 topic is really not state of the art is that there is no drag and drop function for modulation. This is really 90s and not 2020s+ (see Hive2, Serum,…). Even not the the naming and sorting is user-friendly. Mod has different names and sorting (see screenshot: frequency is now called cut-off,… & sorting is different to the view and has no logic to me not A-Z, not like I see it, it just looks like random). The sound of ANA2 is fantastic and you can immediately understand that there is the strength from the developers. In usability it would be really helpful to invite user for a feedback round to improve the usability what can make ANA2 top of the notch.
Drag & Drop is for sure a bigger development but position ANA 2 regarding workflow on a total different level!
Maybe an option is like Ableton implement a mod matrix in Wavetable. Use the small screen in the center of ANA2 what is already there and make the matrix like Ableton Wavetable. This means when I touch a knob/slider it pop up on the left side and the modulators are on the top (see screenshot & link).
Learn Live 11: Wavetable – Modulation - YouTube [Ableton Wavtable Modulation]
Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 06.15.01


Here the sorting & naming (was not uploaded before)

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Thanks for your feedback and feature request :wink:

For info S.A Team : @bryan_spence @phil_johnston

@Tekalight @bryan_spence @phil_johnston Welcome. You are doing a great job and I like ANA2 a lot. A fastest possible workflow is a key element for such a good sounding synth. At least maybe you can resort and use the same sorting & naming like the user see in OSC, Filter,… to find it much faster. and not always look e.g. on the OSC section → open the routing → and this has a different naming and sorting. If it would be the same naming and sorting at least it is much easier to link. I hope I describe it clearly and I add an idea as it could look like. It is just sorting and not really new development - but maybe I see it to easy :wink: Looking forward what your thoughts are about this idea?

green=new (example for OSC1)

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I own a Novation Summit

I would appreciate on a same matrix slot
A gate source modulation for the 1 source

I wish to have a better view of the bi polarity like -63/+63

A ring of color on a function having a modulation, a realtime animation

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