Mod Matrix's Destination is not displaying correctly

Mod Matrix’s Destination is not displaying correctly.

  1. If a macro is set in the loaded preset, the macro itself works correctly, but the destination of the Mod Matrix is ​​displayed as —.

  2. Close the display of ANA2 with the values ​​assigned to the Mod Matrix and bring it up again, then the entire destination of the Mod Matrix will be displayed as —.

I use ANA2 on Windows 10 environment with HIDPI, Custom Scale 110%, Studio One and Cubase.

Both DAWs have the same Issues.

I would like to know how to solve it. Thank you.


Thank you for pointing this one out.

Seems it’s a known issue with v2.5.2, SA team is investing this at the moment.

Hopefully it will be addressed in the next release :sunglasses:



I’m looking forward to your update really. :joy:

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ANA v2.5.4 is Now available in your My Acount/My Downloads/Plugins area :+1:

This should address the targets missing text issue in the Mod Matrix :+1: