Mod wheel automation in Ableton

Hey SA guysbr
I can’t seem to get the mod wheel to show up as a configurable automation line in Ableton. In fact, when I click on “Configure” and lcik on and move the Mod Wheel with my mouse it doesn’t show up. Other parameters do.

Ok, so I’ve figured out that I can record on the fly using a midi mod wheel but the automation doesn’t show up to edit at all. Which means I need to make a perfect pass on recording to make it usable. Hmm… :doze:

Modulation is a midi controller… It’s not actually automation as
You select it through midi ctrl - modulation.

Ahh I see thanks Phil. So it’s a clip envelope. I get it. Don’t usually work that way but I’ll give it a crack. I can create and 8 or 16 bar loop to modulate how I need it to - just opening a filter with the mod wheel.