Modern Chicago / Detroit Tech House Bass Sound

Hello all,

I have been following the the tutorials on SA for a while now (great job guys), but am relatively new to the forum. So if this isn’t the right place to discuss this then let me know :slight_smile: !

Over the last year or so there’s been a number of tech house tracks using what I can only describe as a huge, dirty, filthy bass (example tracks linked below). In particular stuff coming out on Relief and Cajual, and pretty much all tracks by Detlef - who has exploded over the last year.

Has any one on the forum / working for SA got any tips on how to create this sound (or has this been covered by previous tutorials)? Given the Chicago / Detroit and acid background of the people using this (Green Velvet, Carl Craig, Gene Farris) I can only assume they are using something like a 303 with some low end processing, but try as I might over the last few months I have had absolutely no success recreating it (albeit in my DAW rather than with hardware).

Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi @WillArnold1 we have a monster dark track tut coming from Mac Vaughn in the next few weeks - really is an amazing dark journey into that cool minimal sound.

Thanks Chris - look forward to it.

Hi, Im looking to create this same sound. Have tried Plucked bass samples but not really getting close!