Modern progressive trance vocal chop track

SOLIDSTONE - DELIVERED (BOXER REMIX) sample clip by BOXER (dj & producer)

Thanks for checking out this track.

I got asked to remix this new solidstone track for alter ego progressive after successfully remixing another track by there owner which is also soon to be released. worth checking out too!

Anyway, usually it can take me anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month or so to complete a track, but for some reason everything just seemed to go right this time and it seemed to come together so quickly and within a week.

I have found the tutorials on this site so amazing, and i have so much respect for them for how much they have helped me achieve a big goal in such little time! thanks guys!

I would appreciate anyfeedback good or bad to help me with future projects.

thanks for your time and lending me your ears! :slight_smile:

sound production mate, just a little too much candy on top for me, i’d like to see you write something dark and brooding for a change :smiley:

this was just perfect for my ears, absolutely my style! went to the favorites… :cool:

Awesome track mate really like it. Bassline is great lots groove doesnt get boring keeps u moving. The overall arrangement is very good as well with thing constanly moving and changing the also doesn’t get boring. The production is of very high quality as well. Personally I couldn’t pick anything wrong with it. Although Im not to keen on ur main open hat but thats about it. great work man

A Safe Escape main part by CraigHathaway

Thanks guys. Great to hear.

ill take all advise on board for future projects. :slight_smile:

well done on this one mate, nice driving bassline and some cool melodic elements

well, maybe a female vocal lead…? :cool:

Too much glitter for me :smiley: but good track either way top notch production

Thanks for all your honest words guys.

I think i’m definitely going to toughen things up, especially now that winters coming :slight_smile:


Impressive work.

Thanks, This track just got supported by Markus Shultz among many others :slight_smile: happy days.

Thanks sonic academy

Great to hear man Concrats and good luck :smiley: