Modern;Techno-Tech House-Retro Wave-Deep House ! 2018-2019

Hello Dear Sonic Academy World ;

I love electronic music since 1990
‘‘Gat Decor - Passion’’
‘‘Lil’ Louis & The World ‎– Journey With The Lonely’’
Anyway now 2018 !

These guys are slightly different from the others,
If you listen carefully, Sounds powerful and clear, do they use drum bus, ny compression and multiband comp! mid side eq, layering, spectrum analyzer, vu meter …both ! I dont think so !
There is a simplicity in this, but it must be a very different secret !
I think they really know this secret and also dear Sonic Academy teachers.
Do they work on 60 channels (layering, busing,metering) or 30 channels !

for example ;

in the Jerome’s tutorials and Dualistic,Sebastian Leger… they did not need ozone, vu meter and mid side eq :slight_smile:
but Sounds Still Great

Mastering ;
Analogue mastering or digital mastering (plugins) or stem mixing and mastering ?
yes i know there is a reason for everything
spend a lot of time working. :slight_smile:
There is a race of knowledge but it is not possible to get out of it !

Please take your precious time and listen to these songs.

Artists and Tracks ;

Camelphat&AuRa- Panic Room (Clubmix)

Jeremy Olander - Crossed
Jeremy Olander - Fairfax

Pryda - Elements
Pryda - The Future ( Full reverb, delay automation sound) still clean :slight_smile:
Eric Prydz - Som Sas.
Pryda - L.O.V.E

Oliver - Electrify (feat.Scott Mellis).
Oliver - Night is on my mind.

Sebastion Leger - Naive


Tonja Holma - Spanish Delight (listen the track ; fx automation very carefully)

Patrice Baumel - This World

Oldies but still Goldies

Lindstrom - Tension

Lane8 - Little Voices

Frankey&Sandrino - Acamar

What is the secret of these carefully crafted and polished work…
it was a bit long but maybe some of us informed.

Note: The courses are confusing which methods are right people sometimes amazed.
Everybody gives different information. Someone does not use a vu meter and some people insist on using it.

(Mid side eq,multiband comp,kick comp,kick layering,drum synth layering, synth bus, lead bus, bus bus… )

please show us the essentials,and how strong and clean like the songs I chose above ! ( for Logic Pro X :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your interest…

HI @audiojabba

Thank you for posting & sharing your tutorial interest for those artists & tracks.
S.A team is always listening and looking forward to read & hear about the content you 'd like to see on the site.

The team works hard to get new content & new artists to join S.A tutors. When this is possible, they will do their best to satisfy members & subscribers request. It’s a long term process between the time S.A will try to get an artist on board and specific tracks can’t always be part of it ( you have to think about artist being tight to labels, rights and other digital media in the industry ) but after popular demand here, S.A will try to get similar content: genre, sub-genre & track like.

That’s why the forums are here for, it’s community based and therefore thanks again for getting involved. :wink:

Now about your other concern,

When it comes to music production, there’s no essential, unique & simplest way to do things, at least that’s my belief. Every and each producer has his own way to make the magic happen. From the simplest workflow and doing in all inside the box to much more complicated ones using top plugins & gears from the industry. I do understand that this is sometime confusing, but it’s also one of the strongest point about learning with S.A content I think.

For example, the “How To Make” tutorials brings you a complete overview of an artist workflow and techniques and of course that will be different and will come with the all DO & DON’T that each artist believes in. The “How To Use” & “Tips & Tricks” series are always full of gems and covers many different DAW & tools as well as some specific artist “secret sauce”. But the truth is there’s no one magic & simple “secret sauce”, it’s up to you to grab the knowledge and to make your own.

Being able to hear & watch different techniques & approach is allowing you to experiment by yourself and to decide which method suits you the best in order to build your very own workflow. It’s sometime overwhelming & confusing, I totally agree with that, but having this full color palette at your disposal is what makes S.A a very good place to learn in my humble opinion.

Finally we also have a nice community and you should feel free to ask things & bring some topics & subjects on the table since this is how things will also happen on S.A website. :sunglasses:

Cheers !

We have more options more reviews but what should we choose for quick solution !
Researching best option… ok.
My goal to find the plugins and software where I can control all and get me fastest results,
the Sound Good.
Because when presented with hundreds of choices, we end up not making a choice at all. The work involved to compare all the options is too much for us.
It’s literally called the paradox of choice.

So I gave you the song names and the artist names. Something is fast and different for them !
maybe our brain is not working anymore after watching hundreds of tutorials :smiley:
we expect your new information as soon as possible… (Logic Pro X)

Thank you very much.

It’s not as easy as “ordering & getting it” as I tried to explain before, and you can’t be that specific & restrictive about the DAW that should be used since each artist have their own setup. In such case S.A also makes “in-house” tutorials by the team members themselves, but again there’s a lot going on behind the hood and lot’s of work involved :wink:

But be sure to be read & heard and thanks again for your inputs.


You misunderstood me @Tekalight !
I’m following electronic music closely since 90’s …Gat Decor - Passion and Lil Lous - Music Saved my life…
Each Genre has a very different interpretation ! When I listen to their songs there is a slight difference.
I’ve already said please read my article with caution…I’ve watched all your courses (Sonic Academy) and saw a lot of benefits…with all my sincerity you helped us a lot !
I just made a little request from you. :smiley:

many greetings @Tekalight

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I’m also a fan of Logic Pro X :smiley: @Tekalight
I think 5 years later, the robots will make music. we will make music with one knob plugins :smiley:


Also my favorite SONIC ACADEMY tutorials @Tekalight

2-Liquid’s Drum and Bass
3-Paolo Mojo’s…
5-Dom Kane’s…

Clean and Proper Sound and up to date techniques…

Thanks again…

Hey @audiojabba

I understand the love & passion and really appreciate that, was just trying to explain that it’s quite a journey for S.A team between the time they receive new tutorial request and bringing out a new course. There’s so much going on in this process and getting requested artists aboard is the first big challenge & not always possible unfortunately.

Have you joined the new Sonic Academy Face Book Discussion Group yet ??

I think this could be a great place to share this passion and discuss about new content you would like to see on Sonic Academy, it will also provide more insight to S.A team since people will react more to FB post than the forum’s topics I think.

There’s a “Tutorial Request” topic within the group and it could really generate more interaction & reactions there I think… So if you haven’t joined yet feel free to do so, here’s the link to the group :

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Dear @Tekalight

Privacy always the best :smiley:
Firstly Quincy Jones than We Love Techno :smiley:

Nice Days…

…that makes a lot of tutorials requests between those 2… :smile: :heart_eyes:

Cheers !

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Exactly :smiley: @Tekalight

Upcoming Sonic Academy Tutorials !!!

How to make sound like Quincy Jones - Razzamatazz !!


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