Modular Synthesis


I know this is kind of out of the scope of this website. But I am thinking about diving into the world of modular synthesis. And I have heard that this is like the heroin of music production cause you wanna just keep buying module after module… So I wanna make sure I take the time to make the right decision.

I know someone will ask me how experienced I am, and say this is a waste of time, however, I will assure you that I have already been producing for about 2 years. I even waited like 8 months before I bought any kind of hardware (even a midi keyboard). So I am not the type to impulse buy (used to be, but after some harsh life lessons, I fixed my ways :P)

That being said, I was looking into basic systems and was wondering what people think of the Doepfer Basic System that they have on there website.

Would this be a good place to start? I mean its modular so if I outgrew the scope of the basic setup, all I need to do is add more modules to suit my need (which is an appealing part of modular synth, cause I hate buying something then outgrowing it).

So… yeah, just looking for some opinions/ recommendations of any kind. Is there a way that I can dabble into this without going full blown and buying the rack right away? Maybe like a similar software equivalent for experimentation purposes? I really wanna make sure I actually enjoy modular synthesis before blowing any money.

Any advice helps!! Thanks SA peeps :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about modular synths but it’s something I’d like to get into. it’s just another expense lol. I think the doepfer gear would be a great place to start mate. I sometimes see 2nd hand stuff on eBay I think that’s the way to go :cool: you can always sell it at a similar price as you paid for it if you decide it’s not for you

There was a guy who used to frequent here and he knew a bit about modular stuff but icn scared him away lol:hehe:

It was more that every single person on the site wasnt kissing his hairy arse every time he said


I dont know what it is about modular synthesis but I just dont like the idea of it all too much. Spending loads of cash on weird gear which creates cool sounds is great and all but I dont think I have heard a sound from it software cant do at the moment?

I like the idea of how random the sounds can be and the idea of exploring sounds by plugging wires into holes you never knew existed (hehe…) but it still feels like massive expenditure for something like that…

It’s definately a kinda fetish thing

get yourself started by using something like moog modular v (vst)

scour the net on info/tutes before just buying stuff that will just sit there looking pretty:)

Thanks for the advice/opinions guys!

I just went down to an awesome music store in Toronto and a guy who worked at the place gave me a run down on a giant rack they had. Man that stuff is fun. I played around on it for like 2 hours straight and still wanted more by the time I left :P.

I like the different style of production you get with an analog sequencer and I find that you can get a lot more sounds that aren’t as intuitive using modular synthesis, and to a certain degree its luck. And when in doubt I could always purchase a midi/cv module and use ableton data. Hm…

But I won’t dive into it just yet, still gotta find if its the thing for me before I drop that kind of money. Although it is nice that the don’t depreciate too much :smiley:

I guess no one on here is big into modular synthesis :frowning: its a shame

[quote]FlyingYeti (20/12/2011)[hr]I guess no one on here is big into modular synthesis :frowning: its a shame[/quote]

Oh I would be if I had the cash :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to drop $40-60k at, but that will have to wait until after I get my doctorate/win the lotto/score a blockbuster move. Until then, all of the same concepts can be applied to the Moog Modular V, ArpV and others. If you master those and still want more, then I’d say you’re ready to think about the hardare route.

Yeah, I just started playing around with Moog’s Modular V Vst. Fun stuff and emulates modular gear pretty well. Still lacks that beautiful analogue warmth though, its really evident with saw waves I find. But yes, solid advice, I will mess around with this for a while before I step up to hardware.

I love modular synthesis. SO many and basically endless possibilities. I love the fact that basically anything can modulate anything. I think I’ll just keep practicing by throwing in a random midi sequence and just messing with parameters. and omg, I <3 ring mod :D:w00t::hehe::cool: