Modulating LFO with note changes?

Is it possible to modulate the speed of an LFO via the notes played in a track? So, for example, higher notes would cause the LFO to loop faster, lower notes slower? I’m using Ableton 8 by the way with both Sylenth and FXpansion’s Synth Squad.

There is a similar effect in the Twitch House tutorial Phil did a while ago, but he does it by setting up multiple synths to get a similar effect. I’m wondering whether it could be done on a single synth as described above. I have a sneaking feeling its dead easy, but that I’m just missing something…

with the synth squad synths you know how there is all the assignable modulations at the top?

well create one where the value is keyzone+1 found in the poly sub menu and then assign positive modulation to the lfo speed with that modulation selected…

ruff explanation but hope its clear enuf

oh and can also be done in sylenth by having the LFO modulating whatever as normal then just in misc 1 or 2 (which are the extra modulation sources) make the source ‘keytrack’ and destination Lfo1 rate or 2 if your using it…and make change the modulation amount to the lfo too of course

Nice one - thanks very much for both your kind replies. I thought it was something simple - just like me, obviously! :slight_smile:

Yep - perfect! Just tried it and it works a treat. Thanks again…:slight_smile: