Moguai DJ Set - Ableton Files on sale from Beatport



Just bought it myself. You get the DJ set as an mp3 plus the Ableton project he used to create it. Set sounds awesome so far. I’ll update when I’ve had a chance to check out the project files.

Ok installed the project file now and first thought is - complicated


Second thought is, looks like there’s loads of really useful audio racks he uses - gonna take a long while messing with them to find out what they all do.

Hey Jon - Cool :cool:

How much is it? 


Can you save / export the fx racks?

It’s £12.78 inc VAT. Well well well worth it IMO

So -

mp3 of the DJ set he did

mp3s of all individual tracks

mp3s of most tracks parts broken out - kick, bass, arp1, arp2, main riff, perc, vox, etc

bunch of really good risers, white noise samples, a nice Shepard Tone sample, etc

his set laid out as an Ableton project file

and the ability to save the racks he uses - haven’t explored all of them yet but they look pretty good to me.

and that DJ set is effing awesome - listening to it very very loud right now. Prob annoying the neighbours but they’re musicians - pianist and choirister in their 70s :wink:

Cheers J will check this out over the weekend

was loking at this myself for inspiration for my live set what are the effects racks like jonsloan i’m not that bothered about the mix and tunes it would just be good to see what racks/effects and layout a pro uses

I’d rather just see the Ableton project to be honest.

Any poss you could upload it for us? I’m not interested in the tunes.