Monitor pre amp trouble!

Another newbie question here…I’v been a dj now for about 6 years and have just started to get in to the production side of it all. I ditched all my old gear and invested in a new pc, cubase 4,m audio axiom 25 and a decent pair of monitors. So heres the dilema…i bought a m audio audiophile 192 sound card which has all the in’s and out’s i need but the only way i can controle the output volume is with the computer master volume.

  Iv been looking at some audio interfaces which have pre amps built in to controle the output volume, but im unshure what to buy.

I would appreciate any advice on what to buy,bearing im mind that im wanting to connect the outputs on my pc via 1/4inch jacks.

You could get this: [url][/url]

alternatively you could get a small mixer: [url][/url]

Third option would be to just use the internal sound-card mixer volume. should be in your task bar as a red m-audio icon. Thats what i use.

The mackie big knob looks like a good idea! Thanks for the info!!