Monitor Speakers

I’m on the lookout for a new set of Monitors, something in around the £200 mark.

What monitors are people using? And what would you recommend??


i would recommend ebay and look for a set of second hand KRK.

if you are working with music that requires good clear low end then i would be looking for something with an 8" cone

don’t think you’ll find much better for the price range

Agree with Jon… KRK’s great value and quality quality sound. The larger ones were a bit out of my price range

Im using alesis 620’s as i thought most of the 5 inchers were a bit too small for me… can get a second hand pair for £150

saving up for some  adam’s…

other decent options in your price range, m-audios and truths…

again this is all down to preference, so im sure this will create a debate. What ever you buy make sure you bring a cd with the genre of music you want to make with you and play it through them first.