Monitor speakers

im looking for monitor speakers for my budget its got to be

Citronic ST-5 Studio Monitors
The ST-Series powered monitors feature custom drivers made from glass aramid composite, with computer-aided design to ensure accurate tuning of the enclosures along with smooth corners to give exceptional response, improved imaging and separation. The drivers feature electronic crossovers and are bi-amped for increased efficiency. The rear input panel features RCA, XLR and 6.3mm Jack connectors to accommodate any application.

  • Custom Glass Aramid composite cone woofers
  • 1" Neo soft dome tweeter with ferrofluid
  • Bi-amplified w/18dB oct. filters
  • Optimised directivity high frequency waveguide
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Slotted ports to reduce distortion
  • Smooth corners for improved imaging and separation
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs
  • Sold in pairs
  • 5" drivers
  • 100 Watt


Akai RPM 8 Studio Monitors


Optimized for excellent reproduction of heavy bass frequencies.RPM8 reference production studio monitors are specifically designed for use with MPC music production workstations and production controllers. RPM8 studio monitors are two-way, active, bi-amplified, nearfield loudspeakers made for producers, recording engineers, remix artists, DJs and other musicians. The two-way monitors each feature an eight-inch woven-kevlar low-frequency driver with 80W RMS of continuous amplification for robust, full bass all the way down to 39 Hz. The monitors’ high-frequency system consists of a one-inch silk-dome tweeter with 40W RMS of continuous amplification, mounted on a custom, functionally optimized waveguide for excellent control of directivity and reduction of unwanted early reflections.
RPM8 studio monitors contain active, fourth-order crossovers for outstanding separation and optimal power management. Their cabinet is constructed of industry-standard MDF for low resonance, and is dually ported on the front baffle for bass extension in any setting, including soffit-mounted installations.
The bi-amplification, ported cabinet design and overall acoustical efficiency combine to produce a speaker that can deliver up to powerful 113 dB SPL and with accurate frequency response from 39 Hz to 20 kHz.
RPM8 monitors feature a bicolor LED clip indicator, which assists in avoiding damage to your system. You can connect professional studio systems to the RPM8s’ combination XLR-balanced ¼-inch TRS inputs for compatibility with a wide variety of source equipment.



lol one pair cost £95 the other cost around £700 take a guess which ones are better :slight_smile:

Yeah in the case of Monitor speakers, you really do get what you pay for.

the akai are £195 and the citronic are £199

i’ll try and answer the question

i wouldn’t buy either

the citronic brand was great a long time ago, but for the last 10+ years has not kept that up. for quite a while now they’ve just been sticking their label on oem gear. the ST range look like they have KRK guts, judging by the tech spec

the Akai monitors are not released yet, so theres no way of knowing if they’re any good or not.

plus, do you want/need 8" cones or is 5" enough? if money is an issue i would definitely go for something with 5" cones and add a sub at a later date. you’ll be surprised at how much kick a 5" monitor can put out

before you buy anything you should go and have a listen to some, everyone’s hearing is different so its impossible to get a decent suggestion from someone in a forum. trust your ears. take some music you know inside and out and visit a local music store.

i bought a pair of yamaha hs50’s about 6 months ago and they sound great, but im beginning to learn that they’re very fatiguing and so im looking once again for monitors i can live with day to day - im not trying to convince you to buy them, but that is the kind of thing you should be looking at online for info - not which is the best buy

hope that helps

I can’t vie for Citronic or Akai monitors, but I love my KRK Rokit 5’s. They sound absolutely amazing and apparently, many seem to think the same way as me. I would check those out too. They are very very inexpensive monitors.

[quote]weeblondie (12/14/2009)[hr]the akai are £195 and the citronic are £199


sorry must have looked at the wrong set, but yeah if i where you for that price i would either look at M-audio, Krk or Alesis they seem to be the more popular sets at low end

think i will go for the krk rokit the seem like they are good for mixing and mastering:crazy:

How big is your room?

If your budget is £200, you have a small room and your just using your monitors for production then get the rokit5’s

if you have a larger space and you want to use your monitors for mixing/djing as well and your budget is £200 I would recommend the m-audio bx8a. In other words if you want to bang out your tunes the r5’s might not cope.

In an ideal world I would go for the larger rokits but that will cost more than £200 spondoola :slight_smile: