Monitor speakers

Im looking to invest in a pair of monitor speakers, Im fairly new to all this, so what should i be looking for? Ive heard M-audio is good, and my friend has a pair of KRKs and loves them, but i havent heard them. I was looking into these:

My price range is 150-200 as im going to need a sound card as well, if you have suggestions for that as well, im open to suggestions.


KRK’s good for starters on the budget.

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list of audio interfaces and studio monitors


If you can afford it, try to get something with a 6-inch to 8-inch woofer on it. I’ve found that these tend to reproduce enough low frequency information to provide reliable, accurate mixes.

Spend at least $300-$500 if you can. $700-$1500 will get you into a really professional set of monitors, but avoid spending less than $200 if you can. You’ll only end up using them for a year at most. Then you’ll sell them for some nicer monitors.

If you’re on a budget, I’d say look at behringer.