Really consedering picking up a pair of Yamaha hs 80 monitors.

Iv done a serious amount of research on them,  including lissening to them but was just wondering what you guys think here on the academy since you are always so honest :D.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

I have heard nothing bad about them, but then again, I know nothing about Yamaha monitors.

Thats exactly what need! feedback saying nothing bad, just for my own re-assurance :)

don’t use them myself but my college used Yamaha monitors and they always seemed good to me :slight_smile:

here dude…

[url]SOS Past Articles now online (back to January 1994)

i have a pair of hs50’s and a pair of msp7s.used to have ns10s,still use them at work from time to time,actually the hs series are a little less fatiguing but not by much,and the low mids take some getting used to if youre coming from using ns10s,that said i love them and plan to keep using them for many more years to come.through work and various friends i get to use a lot of different monitors,i prefer yamaha over all that are in a reasonably close price range(actually in some instances i preferred them over some monitors that cost around 2/3 more).oh yeah,for 75 bucks more get yourself the msp7s over the hs80s if you can,if not dont worry about making your purchase,youre going to love them.

Thx Lupo it’s really nice to know will check out the msp7s see what they are saying:)

sorry to ask but why do you recommend them?

Thanks aswell Howie for the links!

[quote]marques jc (08/04/2010)[hr]Thx Lupo it’s really nice to know will check out the msp7s see what they are saying:)

sorry to ask but why do you recommend them?

Thanks aswell Howie for the links![/quote]

they have a nicer sounding more detailed low and lowmid range,a larger sweetspot and slightly better stereo image.great workhorses.

yeah i have read so, you got me thinking about them a lot and i really want them now, but unfortunatly they are almost double the price :frowning:

[quote]marques jc (10/04/2010)[hr]yeah i have read so, yougot me thinking about thema lotand i really want them now, but unfortunatly they are almost double the price :([/quote]

if you do some searching you should be able to grab a pair for about 150 dollars more,but like i said you wont be sorry going your original route if the funds arent there.hs80s have their pluses as well.

Would that be second hand? Im guessing, because i like my things fresh:D

Im in the UK and they are going for just under £400 and thats just a single!! Can get the hs80 pair for almost that price. thanks for bringing msp7s to my attention anyways, will try to hunt them down.

no not second hand.were talking price comparison between hs80s and msp7s not hs50s and msp7s right?

actually im giving you wrong information…theyre selling at the same price.the list/suggested retail price is almost double though.if i called up sweetwater i could grab a pair for $799,no tax,no shipping.thats about what 520 pounds?

I think its great you are doing lots of research by listening to them and reading about them.

It took me 2 years to decided want pair to get. After testing out Yamaha NS10, Genelec monitors and I got a pair of Yamaha MSP5s.

I think the most in important thing is to known your monitor. I know the Yamaha MSP5 are very accurate and clear. But they tire my ears easily.

Most studios have two pair of monitors for reference. If you cant have two pairs, use your headphones, car stereo, and cheap ipod headphones etc <br> <br> If I had the space I would get a pair of near field Yamaha NS10s or Yamaha HS 80.<br> I believe the theory is. if you get the sound amazing on them, then the sound is amazing.<br> As they dont lie.

Good luck!

hey m8, i have the yamaha hs 80s and they are great to be honest. theyre right and loud and crystal clear. i couldnt give u much advise on different speakers as thery are my first pair of studio monitors. but there perfect for me. i also have a pair of berhinger truths hooked up to my decks, 150 watts each speaker and it has my room sounding like youre in a club,lol. theyre real loud, nice and bassy and to me are crystal clear also. i paid £250 for the yamahas of a friend, and bought the truths as a speaker package of htfr for £300 so i got a 500 watt power amp threw in with it. thats my input on speakers m8… hope it helps a bit.

I got a pair for over a year now and i think they are just fine pretty flat.

I got them for a super good price at the time brand new best deal iv’e seen since.

when i mix down and listen back on other systems it sounds pretty much like the way it sounded when i was producing the track which is key to me.

i DON’T have to guess and say (when i am making the track) well i know after i mix it down the bass is going to be too quite so ill pump it up a little now…

On the other hand something has always caught my attention on the Mackie 824’s,

but a friend who has them had told me that he usually needs to pump up the bass before mix down for some reason any ways…

No problems with my HS80’s they COOL!


i got them… quite fine when u know them! cuz they are quite heavy in the hights ( there is a cut on the back, but it’s still more hights then in other monitors… but the bass is awesome, and for me the are perfect, and all my mixes and remixes sound fine in the club! just boost your heights a bit more so that it sound a bit too much on the yamahas!

Thank you so much boys for all the feedback it really relax me on my final decision.

So went I went ahead and bought them on we’d should be getting them today in the next few hours according to parcel force tracking system :).

Also getting my home studio all fixed in terms of acoustics so hopefully will get the best out of these babies.

Thanks once again for all the input like always on here!

Morning all, Excuse my noobie question. :):):):):):):):):slight_smile: Right just bought myself a pair of the Hs80s from Thomann in Germany. Just had them delivered(I live in the uk) In my haste forgot to buy the cables for the speakers. Bought this one but i think its a microphone lead. [url=][/url] I am not sure which cables or where in the djm600 they plug into(Do they plug into the mixer or into the soundcard(Terratec Phase 26 usb) ? If you could point me in the direction to where to buy them that would be great thanks.