Mono / Stereo?

Hi guys, i watched a vid on youtube with LBL in his studio. He says he composes in mono and then switches to stereo later. Any thoughts?

Hmm…heard alot of people say that too, suppose its down to preference.

I use mono on my kick and bass sometimes.

In trance mixes, i generally make a bass, mono the low notes, and create a duplicate, knock it up a octave and then have that in 100% stereo, sounds nice on high freqs but am more prone to mono on bass and kick, not alot esle.

But i dunno sometimes just try with and without approach to sounds and depending on how busy the mix is sometimes it helps and sometimes it can be too flat and no space, alot of producers now are stereo bass too, depends like i say really.

It’s definitely a weird way of composing. Most people would compose in stereo then mix in mono so that they can make sure that no frequencies get ‘lost’ in the mix and that you can still hear everything fine when it’s in mono.

However, composing completely in mono? Well, everyone’s got their own way of doing things.