Monsieur electronique - this very day

hello ppl

got a new track up at myspace page:

it is called “this very day”

will be glad to see your reviews as they are very helpfull.

sorry for not uploading at my sonicacademy profile. 

Yo classmate :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice strings monsieur, liking your progressive flow. I think some work needs putting into the bassline however, maybe an extra layer to give it a phatter sound.

tks roben,

do you believe that i should add an extra layer to the bass played from 0:00 to 2:25 min or to add bass from 2:25 till end (because there is not any bass after 2:25).

I meant layering up on the bass that was actually playing, but it was hard to hear properly because of the bit-rate of the sample.

Apart from the bass comments which I agree with two more things I have to comment on:

  1. I really think this tune needs livening up slightly. I’d go with some synth work higher up the scale, something melodic.

  2. In it’s current state I’d say this tune needs to be tempo’d down and presented as a downtempo, chillout style track.

    I really like your track Crystal though.


i am adding some extra elements on the track and i am also expecting an abstract downtempo remix from a very talented female producer.

will revert upon outcome.