Mood II Swing - Reach 4 You (Tom Fitzgerald Mix)

A brand new track from me that I’ve just finished

Stream Mood II Swing - Reach 4 You (Tom Fitzgerald Mix) by Bouffont | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

(ran out of space on the sonicacademy site for this one)

Made on an extremely crap pair of computer speakers so any hints on where the levels are off would be very handy please as I’m sure they’re all over the place

Other than that, go nuts, comments, slatings, hate mail, thrown underware (female please) all appricated!

Hey mate, i really liked it! Currently listening on crap headphones as my monitors are plugged into my decks at the moment so appologies i can’t comment on the levels right now lol.

The only qualm for me was i felt the percussion and drums got a bit too monotonus after a while, i’d advice to play around with them more ie: take out parts here and there, etc. Just to keep the listening mind guessing.

Really nice work with the vocals, every vocal attempt i make sounds crap so kudos man. :cool:

Test 123 - i can’t seem to reply to this!

test 2!

Thanks Roben, you’re totally right about the drums - amazing how that kind of thing slips by when you’re in the groove eh?

Vocals were just an acapella I downloaded, it’s off a defected pack.

They’re surprisingly easy to get to grips with once you learn how they work in Live. I hear Live 8 is much better at vocals too.