More KRK Rokit 6 problems


Noticed that someone was getting hum problems on their krk 6’s.

I keep noticing lately my left speaker keeps making every few seconds or so 5 soft click sounds.

Any idea why this might be?

whats your audio interface and what connections are you using? I had some issues with mine, turned out it was the connections I was using…

Doesn’t seem to be doing it now, it’s weird how it only does it sometimes.

I have the the audiophile 2496 soundcard, with jack (monitors) to phono (soundcard) connection cables.

Mine make sounds when a backup of my mac is being wirelessly conducted from the Time Capsule and router I have. The wireless connection makes my pair of Rokit 8 monitors hiss and click a little bit. I have balanced outputs coming from my Apogee Duet and breakout box with grounded XLR cables, too! Even then, the wireless signal interrupts.

Perhaps a function happening in your computer is messing with the signal a bit, Roben!


Balanced XLR cables 4 the WIN!