More Logic pro tutorials? or even logic with reason in rewire?

Seems theres loads on ableton but not much on Logic or reason. All the tutorials shown i would love to get to grips with and have even considered getting ableton just to learn them. Is there a possibility you will create Logic alternatives for previous tutorials? It would make sense

Nnooooo! Ableton forever!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree the DAW in use should be spread to match the users on the site, but also, IMO, onc eyou know your DAW well enough you should be able to follow all the videos transferring the technique over to your platform.

Of course they are all different, but they all centre around the same tools and ideas. Try following one of the Ableton ones and apply the techniques to logic, you can probably come up with a pretty good copy.

The sounds etc might be slightly different, but its the learning process which is important after all.

yeah i agree ableton is wicked just started using it on my production course at uni. and i suppose transferring it over to logic by watching the videos would work. Just would be a lot more convenient to have some logic versions