More Reason tutorials please!

I would love to see some How To Make style tutorials using Reason…or even some more general Reason tutorials. Now that it has VST I’m hoping this can happen. I know it kind of comes down to what producers are using, but I would love to see someone doing something with Reason.

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Agreed!!! Now reason has VST support there is no excuse not to do more tutorials…

A whole new world of possibilities just opened.

maybe we’ll commission something… see how popular it is @chris_agnelli ?

Well let’s see how popular it is - give us a +1 if you want to see more Reason 9.5 tuts now they support VST’s.

+1 ?


Yes please. +1

Yes please!


Especially now that Reason 10 is out!
Once upon a time I would rough out tracks in Reason since that’s were I did my sound design. I put Reason aside to focus on learning Ableton since I could see the writing on the wall for SONAR (RIP) and I didn’t want to be without a full fledged DAW when the inevitable end finally came.

Now I’m ready to marry Reason and Ableton together so some tutorials would be awesome.


Hey Everyone, we gots a Reason tut!! HTU Reason 10 - Reason 10 Beginner Video Tutorial Level 1 | Tutorial 01 - Intro and Playthrough

I would love to see advanced courses. I have been a Reason user since version 1 in 1999 - yeah way back when - so I am familiar with Reason’s functionality. I am more interested in learning about composition for the styles of music I want to produce, sound design for tonal qualities I have not figured out on my own and final mastering.