More synthwave / outrun

any chance for another round with timecop83 or synthwave / outrun tutorials in general?

specific topics of interest for me would be:

  1. how to make it sound retro? when i try to retrowave i stick to vst-version of 80s instruments and effects (arturia collection, uviworkstation, gforce oddity, etc.) but it still doesn’t sound very retro. how did they mix and master back then and how can you emulate that with modern tools? e.g. anne clark’s our darkness, how would you get this sound with vst instruments/effects?
  2. the 80s snare. as simple as it seems to be to build a nice gated reverb snare, most of the times i fail at it and waste hours trying to get it right for some reasons and in the end too often it still sounds like a random snare sample with too much reverb on it.
  3. chorus. internet says the 80s where the time when everybody went crazy on chorus, delay and reverb effects. what are the right moments to use a chorus and how?
  4. stereo: where to place instruments, what should be mono, what stereo effects make sense?
  5. reverb: timecop83’s tutorial at some points looks like the secret is to add a huge reverb on your instruments and then put this through another donald-trump-yuuuge reverb. when i try it it ends up in a huge soup of sounds playing on the other side of the observable universe. would like to hear more details and see more examples on how to use reverb effects properly.