More Tech House!

New track, hope you enjoy! The last one has done rly well, got it signed to quite a small label but gonna get on beatport :smiley: High hopes for this one!

very nice Bass and very clear mix . Gj dude

Nice tune mate, real relaxed vibe about it.  Like the vocal you’ve got on it!

Thanks guys :smiley:

like this groovy bassline.

how did you do it?

Its a sample of a Udu. They give a rly cool bassy sound. You should be able to find samples of them about.

I loaded the sample into simpler, then put a high pass filter on it at 30HZ and then a low pass to take out the high end click. If you listen carefully to the track you’l still hear a little of the high part, I left that in to keep just a small part of the character of the Udu.

If you listen you’ll notice that the bass is in stereo, usually i’d keep it mono but I played around with the spread dial in simpler (its at 60%) and it sounded rly good so I kept it like that.

Now I made the midi pattern. The key to the groove is the gaps in the bass, they give it a bouncy feel. You’ll often hear ppl say that when it comes to bass the notes that aren’t playing are more important then the ones that are. Very true in this case.

I then added two compressors. The first one was to tighten up the sound as when I played it though my lap top speakers i couldn’t hear the bass at all because it was to subby (I often use my laptop speaker as a reference coz when you have a good mix you should still be able to hear every part, bass included). The key to fattening up the sound if having a fast release time, somewhere below 3ms should be good. The second compressor was for a side chain to the kick, just to give the bass some movement and reduce frequency clashes at the low end. After I’d done this I unpluged the monitors so I could listen though the laptop speakers again. I do this often when making basses, because you want ppl to be able to hear everything in your mix even on bad speakers.

And thats it, hope this helped! :smiley:

Edit: Just want to add that if you (or anyone) would like me to post samples and screens of how I did this I’d be more then happy to. That goes for anything you hear in my tracks :stuck_out_tongue: