Moto blanc bass

Anybody know how to recreate the bass patch in the funky house tut in sylenth unfortunately my synth prog skills are alot of people on here im crying out for some synthesis tuts.cheers

If memory serves me correctly it’s actually not a synth, it’s from Nexus which is a ROMPler. You’ll need to look for Ebass in it.

I don’t go in for that bass really, there’s better out there to my ears. Have a look at the Skarbee basses for Kontakt, they’re what I use.

Hi Gents.

I actually Speak to Danny Harrison on a regular basis. He’s 1/2 of Moto Blanco.

Whilst they do use some programmed basses, they normally have a session bassist in. So…it’s a live bass your after. I’ve never actually asked them what sort of processing they do on the audio though.

Incidentally, I’m sure they said it’s Trilogy instead of Nexus that they use for prgrammed stuff. I’ll double check.

I’ll give him a call tomorrow and see if he’ll spill some beans. Cannot promise tho.