Moto Blanco (Funky House) Style Insider Video

Hi Folks,

Another Video for your pleasure!!

As always let us know what you think!!

Cheers Phil!


phil your a legend mate

got to say it is unbeleivable what you’s do


verycool video guys im liking the bitesize idea has helped me quite a lot already look forward to more!

also just got message about the vid size and its bang on …

thanks for sorting that out light speed .:cool:


keep the feedback coming! it’s great when you let us know what you like and what you don’t like as it will help us make the site better and tailor it towards your needs…

keep your requests coming - we’ll lock phil away in his little music technology dungeon to keep the content fresh and relevant

help us spread the word if you can! tell your mates, stumble us, digg us, add us to your facebook/myspace pages etc! sonic is where it’s at!


Just watched this now and got to say wow

nailed the bassline for me, im made up u showed us the way u put a note up an octave

any chance u could tell me what preset you used out of nexus for the piano :smiley:

not the saw pas the first track

also is that guitar audio from ur guitar not vst?



Good to hear the vid was useful.

the nexus patch is sunpiano… i have a hi-pass filter on it and some hi EQ.

yeah the guitars are “actual” guitars not plugins. im sure virtual guitarist or similar would be able to give you similar results.

Just watched this amazing set of videos :smiley:

but it seems project files aren’t online for this one contrary to the other HTSL tutorials, am i right ?