Motu 828

So, I need an external audio card and I’ve been searching the interwebs high and low to see if I could find something and I happened to find someone here locally selling an old MOTU 828 Mk I for $100.  Knowing MOTU as I do, would it be worthwhile to put the money to drop a $100 on this, hoping that it’s worthwhile?  I mean, if I get it I plan on checking it out once I get there but there’s only so much I can do without bringing it home and checking it on my setup.

Still - it’s only $100. 

I’m having serious problems with my Motu Ultralite mk3. Sadly it is a well known problem (audio drop outs and high pitch squel), I would recommend against them.

Sadly I can’t recommend anything better as I’ve spent all my ***** money on the Motu.

Had a motu in the past and wasnt a huge fan either.

The focusrite Pro 24 is the best soundcard ive ever used… great sound, great drivers.

Unlike Phil, I’ve had issues with my Focusrite card. I have a Pro 40, and I get dropouts and heavily distorted sound from it when used with my mac. It’s like it’s losing sync or something. Using it with a PC is even worse, but that’s a common problem with PC and firewire I think.

Sorry - long weekend meant that I’m only just now getting back to this thread. The 828 was gone when I contacted him. Still looking, I guess.

Thanks for the input guys! I really appreciate it!

I couldn’t recommend a motu enough but it woulld have to be a more recent version. I Used to have the 828 mk3 but I had to change it for the 2408mk3 as at the time the drivers didn’t support vista. Great pieces of kit I now have 2x 2408mk3’s and never had an issue.

I had the MOTU 828 mkII and i thought it was a cool card, had everything i needed really but right now i think you might be better off saving some money and buying an up to date newer MOTU.