Mouse not working while running Impulse 25 with Automap

Ok, so I just bought the Novation Impulse 25 midi keyboard to run it with cubase. I really like the little midi controller but I’m having trouble using the mouse simultaneously. Whenever I open a Cubase plug-in or synth it only lets me adjust the parameters with the keyboard knobs and not the mouse. This is fine on the plug-ins that don’t have that many knobs, but if I’m using a synth with 30 different ones it starts to become a pain in the butt.

Just wondering if anyone here has had this same problem and any advice on how to fix it. This is really getting on the way of my production.

(btw this is not the case with 3rd party plug-ins, those i can still use with the mouse)

hmm its not a problem ive come across before.

I have a remote zero SL and i can always use both mouse and keys.

Check the settings in Novation Automap might be something in there.