Move a "point" horizontally

Hi, I got kick2 and I would like to know if is possible to move a point of the pitch or amp only horizontally or vertically without moving everything with the mouse.
Thank you =)

Hey there @Paradox69

No, it’s not possible to do this using keyboard keys combos like you can use with certain apps/plugin. Probably due to the logarithmic algorithm use for the nodes, nodes are all linked in a certain way. Adding nodes will help to get more accurate results with your Kick’s envelopes design.

That said it’s possible to use ⌘ Command key on a Mac & Windows/Start key on Windows to reduce the nodes moves ratio, so it will allow you to make slower moves and get a better control.

Then there’s also the “Snap” option at the top of the GUI, with Snap ON movement of the pitch nodes will be restricted to semitones. With Snap OFF pitch nodes will move freely to any pitch value.

Finally the “Zoom” feature can really help for accurate nodes placement.

Have a look to this free tutorial video where Phil explains how to design Kick’s envelopes in order to match a sampled Kick, it really shows how to deal with nodes placement.

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