Move content folders ANA 2

Hi, how do I move the content folders for ANA 2 to a different drive?


HI there @db007

There’s currently no “custom folder” option in ANA 2. Presets get installed in a default folder during first installation and if you purchase extra presets packs, they all have their own installer which aims to make your new presets installation simple as “click & run” the installer.

This is the recommended & supported setup to keep and be aware that the disk space usage from the presets & oscillators audio files is very low, so in term of disk space, there’s no real need to move those files.

That said, if you really want to have those files installed somewhere else, the work around is to move the Presets folder to a new location and to “Symlink” it in the original location.

You can refer to this thread on the forums ( starting at post N° 9 from me ) to learn more about this workaround using “Symlink”, depending on your OS ( Mac or Win ) the method is different, and again this is not fully supported but it does work.

It’s a one time setup action since once your new location Presets folder is “symlinked” with an intelligent shortcut in the original location, every new presets installation & action will behave as if you were using the default settings except that in fact your presets will be written in your new drive location.

Only the path change in this topic since it’s related to KICK 2 plugin, but the principle is excatly the same.

For ANA2 default presets installation paths are as following :

  • MacOS : _yourmacOSHDD /Library/ Application Support /Sonic Academy/ANA 2/Preset_s
  • Win : C:\ProgramData\Sonic Academy\ANA 2\Presets

Hope that helps :wink: