Move over Iphone!

New toy in town!!! :smiley: :smiley:


I don’t believe for a second that this phone will exist in the next 5 years

That’s one ugly and very girlie phone dude lol… personally i don’t really go in for flashy phones so my opinion probably doesn’t count hahaha.

I have a Digital Cam for photos, personally never really rated any phones for photos compared to a good quality cam.

I have a Laptop and Mac for internet, porn, shopping and SA so wouldn’t use my phone to do that either. personally really hated internet on the iphone, samsung and Sony phones.

i have my mobile for calls and txt so i don’t really need something over the top (although mine does have internet, cam, ichat, Aim and all the other **** i’ve never used)

Yeah but it’s not an iPhone is it?

How many Tampons can you fit in that Rob?

Does it have a R"a[pe alarm in it too? :wink: :w00t::hehe::slight_smile:

The real question is can you get it with diamonds embedded


I’m just loving the fact it lights up a keyboard which you can use, it’s pro.

Sure the phone itself doesn’t look that nice, but it’s features are pretty EPIC to say the least…

Does need diamonds though :laugh:

yeah, this will not exist within the next 5 years. if it does, apple will probably be releasing it. but it does look interesting. but there are alot of issues. that projector will not get that resolution in something that small. Its all concept, no reality.