Multiband compression vs limiting on low end

I recently watched an in the studio video with sander van dorn and I remember him talking about how when doing mastering one of the few things he did was limit the low end (kick / bass).

I tried this on my newest track (using ozone4) with a ratio of like 8:1 I think and it ended up sounding great. However, when I’m watching you guys use the multiband compressor I usually see quite low ratios being employed.

I was curious with peoples thoughts and reasoning with either approach. Aswell would there be any difference between using limiting at 8:1 and a compressor at 8:1, I thought there wasn’t… but I’m not sure.


a limiters ratio is really kinda like 1:infinity

a normal compressor ratio of 1:8 means it will reduce the volume by 8 times once it passes the threshold.

a limiter reduces anything over the threshold to be at 0 so effectively needing infinite ratio.

so if someone is talking about 1:8 ratio its probably just compression.

If they are talking about 8db reduction they could be talking about limiting.

think most of this is covered in the compression tutorials in more detail.