Multiple midi CC# on one single knob

Hello everyone,

I have an issue with my Yamaha DX200 and Ableton midi, I spent hours looking on internet and trying to find a way, but nothing worked.

So I basically want to control the DX200 as a soundmodule on Ableton.
What I do is program a pattern on the DX200, then on Ableton I build my track by arranging the pattern by drawing automations (filter, attack, decay etc.)

I have been able to map all the knobs on Ableton, each knobs have only one midi CC# except those from the Modulator section - that we can see on those screens

The buttons “Harmonic”, “FM Depth” and “Decay” have three midi CC# dedicated to each of their knob. So for example if I want to draw an automation of the “Harmonic” button, I have to draw it three times, because the three CC# have to be mapped on three differents macro on Ableton (can’t map multiple CC# on one single knob - it automatically replace the last one)

It work, but the problem is that it’s not convenient at all. I would like to have one single knob that can control those three different CC#.

Does anyone know a way to do that?




Hello, I do not have a Yamaha DX200 Drum-Box Synth but I have been reading somewhere that on the hardware side of things for Midi mapping, you have to make sure that the DX200 is not sending Limited Midi Control Change, this should be enabled by using a set of combo-keys on the DX200 and should be described in the manual.

That’s a first one, but if you know about that and have set up your DX200 accordingly then forget about it.

Now, on Ableton’s side of things, maybe it could work to group your DX200 Drum Rack into a new Software Instrument and see if you could remap multiple and previous DX200 Drum Rack CC to ONE new macro Knob in the new Instrument Rack macro(s).

But I’m really not sure if that could work.

Another way (still to give a try ) would be to group your DX200 to a new Instrument Rack and then Duplicate the Drum Rack chain ( so you’ll have 3 instances of the DX200 Drum Rack ) and to try to do the same as previous ( multiple parameters mapping from your instances on ONE macro knob of the Instrument Rack ).

You would like to try both of these in this order, because I think that the 2nd option ( Duplicated Instances of the Drum Rack within a new Instrument Rack ) will have more chance to work, but then in terms of CPU usage and performance wise, I’m not sure what it’s gonna bring if it works, therefore if the simplest first solution works it could be more light.

Though these work around will allow you to map multiple parameters to ONE Macro knob that you’ll be able to map to one Knob of your DX200, I’m not sure that this allows multiple Midi CC mapping as you intend to do.

I don’t know which version of Live you’re using and I can’t tell for sure if this has changed in Live 10, but I think that in previous versions, it was not possible to map multiple Midi Control Change to one knob without the use of M4L ( Max for Live ) and using an .amxd patch, but I’m not 100% sure about this, so if someone knows more about this, please provide some feedback :wink:

Now in Live 10, Max for Live has been integrated but whatever version you’re running, 10 or previous, that implies to have the SUITE version of Live.

If you have the suite, then maybe turning around Max for Live device/patch to solve your issue is a good alternative.

Have a look here for this free “Mapulator” Max for Live patch by Bento ( it’s an old version but free and it should still work fine ), maybe this could help you to perform the mapping you’r aiming at.

From there, or even Googling “Bento’s Mapulator” you’ll find all the info you need to know about what you can do with “Mapulator”, but again, it requires a SUITE version of Live, whether you’re using 9 or 10.

Hope that can help and if you didn’t, I also suggest you to post directly on Ableton’s Live support/forum of course.