MultiSample data not installing on 2.5 update (windows 10)

Nothing is showing in C:\ProgramData\Sonic Academy\ANA 2\Waves\Factory\Sampler Osc\MultSamples

after multiple install attempts of Ana2.5

Hi there @Danalogue

  • Can you actually see & playback those Multisample Presets in ANA 2.5 Presets Browser or not ?

  • Nothing gets installed in the Factory\Sampler Osc\MultSamples folder but rather in
    the DLC\Sampler Osc\MultSamples

Thanks for your reply. Yes I can see those 2 pre-sets and play them.

Is that the only multi sample pre-sets that come with the update?

Yes, ANA 2.5 release and all new features is a free upgrade & includes 2 Multisample instruments by default.

There’s an expansion pack available here : ANA 2 Multisample Expansion Pack

Scroll down the product page to check this expansion pack content ( screenshot below ).

Also check this videos series if you haven’t watched them yet :wink:

ANA 2.5 Walkthrough

Thanks for your help

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