Music production software

There is many different DAW’s on the market.

Choosing the best one that suits you can be problematic.

Many artists use more than one Daw and they do Rewire(run a sequencer inside of a another sequencer).Most of the time whatever sequencer you start with you stick to it.There is many factors to take it under consideration such as platform(MAC,PC),work flow, bundled plug-ins , midi editing etc.Computer Music Magazine (MAY-2011-covers-DAW-GUIDE).

A lot of people can’t get the result they’re looking for because their DAW suck.

Free and cheap Daws don’t have all pro features of the professional Daws.You are only as good as the tools you work with. If you don’t have the tools to project your talent whats the point to use a crappy sequencer.If you don’t have good tools plug-ins / workstation how you expect to get the pro results.All recording programs suck until you really learn how to use them. All sequencers are similar in their fundamentals.Whatever you use it’s a matter of personal choice.

The Major 6 Players

There are several major players on the market worth your attention (and your money). They are as follows:

· Apple Logic Studio (Mac only)

Logic comes with so many virtual instruments, included in the price, and so many instruments geared specifically for electronic music. You will spend twice the money buying virtual instruments for Pro Tools and get half the number of sounds…I say, for electronic music, without a doubt, go Logic.Very strong and nice sounding plugins are bundled with Logic.Artists who use logic pro: Armin Van Buuren ,Sean Tyas,Sander Van Doorn, John Askew,John 00 Fleeming, ATB,Scooter,PvD,Above & Beyond.

Logic gui mod: [url=][/url]




· Pro Tools (Mac & PC)

Pro Tools is regarded as the industry standard and is used in most professional studios. In fact the differences can really be summarised in one sentence. Think of Pro Tools as audio recording software with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) built in.Many artist like to use ( Ableton + Pro Tools) or ( Reason + Pro Tools ) and to do Rewire.Pro tools artists : Linking Park, and more.

· Cubase (Mac & PC)

Cubase requires an external USB dongle to act as a registration key before the software will open.Good for electronic music.In my opinion Logic is easier to learn than Cubase. Artists who use Cubase : Leon Bolier ,The Thrillseekers,Uberzone,Astrix,Eddie Thoneick,Gabry Ponte,Marcell Woods,Hanns Zimmer movie composer. [url=][/url]

· Cakewalk Sonar (PC only)

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· Ableton Live (Mac & PC)

Mostly used by DJ to do life performances.Great loops manipulation for electronic music.If you struggle with musical composition then Ableton or Cubase will help as both have tools to help you with composing.Ableton can work in arrangment and session view. It has a compact interface.Artists who use Ableton:Mike Sheridan,Above and Beyond,Armin,Carmen Rizzo,Daft Punk,Richard Devine,Deadmau5,Richie Hawtin.

Free-E-book Pro-Secrets-in-Ableton-Live I found Download

Ableton Live Skins

14 skins for ableton

· MOTU Digital Performer (Mac only)


[url=]PC Pro Magazine | Subscription website



Fl studio (PC only)

Many beginners start with this software. Going from pattern mode to song mode it’s a bit annoying.FL shines in price and free updates for life and it’s easy to make beats.Fl studio artists: Basshunter,Jeroen Verheij,Mike Oldfield,Toby Emerson,Jay Frog (ex-Scooter)

[url=]Create Your Best Music | FL Studio


Reaper (PC and MAC)

Reaper an affordable music production software.



Presonus Studio One (PC and MAC)

Great DAW easy to use , drag and drop operation. Still being improved and developed.

Some plug-ins are weak.But the work flow is awesome.



Bitwig Studio is a multi-platform music-creation system for production, performance and DJing, with a focus on flexible editing tools and a super-fast workflow.



Reason & Record (PC and MAC)

Not really a Daw.Closed application.Can’t use external plugins.Can Rewire.

Good for electronic music. [url=][/url]


Synapse Audio Orion (PC only) [url= Synapse Audio Software]Synapse Audio Software

Used by Protonica - pychadelic trance producer.


Sony Acid (PC only)

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[url=]Seelake - AudioStation DAW


Garage Band by Apple

Cool Edit Pro / Adobe Audition

Nuendo from Steinberg


Mackie Trackiton

Magix Samplitude ,Sequoia

Acoustica Mixcraft

Energy XT


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What sequencer is you favourite?:discuss:

Just wondering if any one uses Pro Tools and Live on a PC here ?

Mike Sheridan - Part 2/4

Using ableton + pro tools

Whats Sonar like?

I’ve seen ads for it, but who’s famous that uses it?

[quote]ICN (04/05/2011)[hr]Whats Sonar like?

I’ve seen ads for it, but who’s famous that uses it?[/quote]

I tested sonar x1 and the gui is ace but over all I didnt like it, to much faffing about for me.

I testing cubase just now and I like it more the sonar, much for user friendly for me anway, and with ableton rewired its ace.

[quote]slender (04/05/2011)[hr]Just wondering if any one uses Pro Tools and Live on a PC here ?[/quote]

Armin van Buuren actually uses Pro Tools (which you can see in the background below) and Live (see 1:25 mark in video).

it’s NOT pro tools… it’s actually Logic! lol meh! :stuck_out_tongue: