Music Shrinking

does anyone know of any software i can use to shrink the files of my music so i can post more of my tracks on the site. i hav 1 track on at the min but its like 16mb so doesnt leave me with much more space. if i could shrink the file then i would be able to upload more…

thanks for your help

Hi Ian,

Give Itunes a try, its got a pretty good converter with various compression rates built in.

Checkout the link below for a quick overview.

[url]Library & Technology | Wellesley College

By the way I just listened and rated your track “Access”

Pretty good stuff man :cool:

thanks alot m8…much appreciated

Get yourself the lame codecs and a front end and you can shrink them as much as you like, you’ll loose quality thoguh.

I personally hate itunes.

A quick and easy alternative is Super by Erightsoft. It’s the most badass video converter in the universe but it also does mp3’s