Music Theory - Chordal Harmony in Electronic Music / 470

Sonic Academy presents an all new music theory course looking at the world of Chords. We welcome newcomer Phil Dawson, a highly skilled and deeply knowledgeable educator to guide us through what can sometimes be a very complex subject. Here, we bring it right back to basics and look at the core concepts of chordal anatomy like intervals, triads, extended, 7th and major and minor chords. We put this all into context by analysing some real world tracks and discovering how their chord sequences are constructed and how you could apply the same to your tracks.

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Quite an interesting course, harmlessly starting from the very basics, some in-depth things are mentioned and referenced, which opens the door for more learning and new experiments.

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Very Helpful

quite interesting!

Interesting even if you have some knowledge about music theory

Haven’t watched all of these…first few and last one. Yeah goes into it in a fair bit of depth and a good grounding to move unto more advanced areas if that’s what you want to do

Very interesting to learn and hear real examples


Great stuff!


highly motivating and understandable. tanks for that!

Good Stuff!

Very Good!!!

This is great

Great course.


ready to get into this asap!

v good

Great course!