Music Theory for beginners

Hi all,

Here’s an excellent music theory primer for those having problems getting their head around chords, scales,

modes and composition. This is one of the best informal free music theory manuals I’ve stumbled on so go grab a copy and slowly digest its contents. I am sure it’ll be of help.



An excellent offline chord,scale and mode utility


I usually run this in the backround and flip between it and Live.

A very cool abstract chord calculator (roman numerals)

[url]Chord Calculator

Here’s another interesting guide.


gonna have a look at this… thxs…

Thank you so muuuuch man ! The first link you gave truly helped me :slight_smile:

hey dude thanks for the info now checking it out

big ups krome! i’m tellin you guys, we need a tech tips thread just for this kinda stuff!!!


I’ve updated my first post with another chord utility/calculator.

Anyone who downloaded and found the ravenspiral guide useful may find

this interesting since it deals with abstract based chords for easier transposition/analysis.

Checkit out guys :slight_smile: and before you know it you’ll be confidently throwing a few neapolitan 6 chords in your progressions amongst other weird and wonderful things like borrowed chords.

Nice find Krome!!

Definitely going to have a look!!

thanks for these

nice one dude

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great finds