Music Theory PtII

Hi. I’ve just been through all of the videos on composition. It’s a good starting point but I’d like to see it go further. Topics I’d like help with:

Finding the root of a song

Explaining minor/major relatives

More explanation about inversions. Ie position names

Augmented as well as diminished chords

Transposition and jumping from one set of chords to another



BTW. If anyone wants help. After watching Graham’s video last night. I made a live set. It has every note in major and minor patterns, with related intervals and triad scale. I’ve not done the inversions or borrows, cos that’d just get confusing.

If you want it, pm me.

I agree, more on Music Theory, I loved the first series.




Yeh more on chords, circle of fifths etc

Any idea when we can expect this? It’s been a while.