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I’ve always had trouble learning the modes, but this made it easier to understand. thank you :slight_smile:

Great tutorial! it’s very informative and easy to understand.

dont know what a scale degree is. you assume that the watcher is knowing too much before taking the course.

In music theory, scale degree refers to the position of a particular note on a scale relative to the tonic, the first and main note of the scale from which each octave is assumed to begin. Degrees are useful for indicating the size of intervals and chords, and whether they are major or minor.
5 sec googling to help it out bro :wink: exceed34 :wink:

This Live set/ pack seems to be corrupt in Ableton 10?

Hey @monkeysan

Yep, downloaded the and did some testing here ( though I haven’ t try to install the .alp pack file, but I can confirm that once unzipping the archive, the main SA Scale Template.als file won’t load up in Live 10 when the SA Scale Template.als file located in the SA Scale Template sub-folder will load correctly. See the pic for more clarity :slight_smile:

So the question here is more : is there a difference between the SA Scale Template located at the archive root and the one located in the …Project folder ? @chris_agnelli might be one to check by your end if still possible ( it’s a 2016 course ) , can’t really tell much more on my end in order to help the user here :wink:


Edit : Tested on MacOS High SIerra latest and ABleton Live 10.0.06 + latest Beta BTW.

Thanks @Tekalight , that did the trick! I also wonder what the diffs might be, but I was able to use the files I could access to follow along well in Ableton.

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Perfect for beginners

Very good