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Learn all about Scales & Modes and how to implement them into your production in the latest of our Music Theory lineups presented by Sonic Academy's Jamie Schmidt

Very informative looks like i should learn to play piano/keyboards lol another great tutorial!

Very informative looks like i should learn to play piano/keyboards lol another great tutorial!

Very strange, when I load the tutorial template it tells me Live is no longer authorized, and I have to re-authorize it? I&#039m going to post this as a bug in the forums to find out why.

Hey, Thanks for the tutorial. It was great. I have a question though. The C Phrygian melody that was played, why is it considered to be in C phrygian as opposed to Ab major or F minor?

A midi file was imported in chapter 5 to the &#034Melody&#034 slot which contains C-Phrygian notes across 3 octaves.

Where can I find such midi file? Do you have such midi files for all the different modes and for all the different keys?

Hiya, the SA Scale Template in the pack... is it only for Mac being a .alp live set file? I&#039m trying to open the live set template on my PC, even renaming it to a .als file but it keeps saying it&#039s corrupted. I&#039m guessing the pack only contains the template for the Mac??

Would it be possible to have the PC version of the resources file?

As stated above, I cannot manage to open it, Had no problems with the other files of the music theory series.


This whas a great one. Managed to understand it without the resource file. And yes, the Scale plug in is confusing, I guess is worth just learning the scales by heart insted. No shortcuts to succeed.

very good explanation of everything.
No sheet music crap, and no classical approach.

Wish this was around 15 years ago. Had to learn this the hard way, but still learned a lot from this different approach.

Have to disagree on the scale plugin though, but understand what you mean, however some people dont want to play the piano, and unfortunately all sequencers are piano based, which is more of a practical solution rather than an ideal solution. Bring on the PUSH. The world needs a new instrument.

Great tutorial. I loved the dual explanation of the minor scales and modes. And I finally understand Mixolydian, haha!

nice work dude! finally getting my head around theory

Would someone please explain why the 6th of a minor 6 chord is not flatted? If minor scale consists of lowered 3,6,7 as shown in Tutorial 3, then it seems as though 6 should be flatted. By comparison, a minor 7 chord flats the 7, so why would not you flat the 6 of a minor 6 chord?

These lessons are excellent. I have learnt more in watching these than I ever did through Guitar lessons etc. many Thanks

This helped me a lot. I couldnt get my head round this all but I think theres light at the end of the tunnel now

When you are learning music production you definately have to check these videos! this is very important and what sonic academy is doing here really helps me alot!

Extremely informative!

Very Helpful!

Very helpfull, It taught me a lot

Muito boa