Music to Film - Spiderman Soundtrack

As part of my Digital Musican unit I was asked to create the soundtrack for the Spiderman movie intro. The full 3.19min visual piece was given to me silent, I was to create all the music and sound FX to go with the visuals from beginning to end. This is what I came up with. Whilst I’ve never created drum & bass music before, I felt the style of music lended itself well to the visuals and set the tone and mood well for the film.

This is my soundtrack to an advert:

Thats your first DnB try?

Damn dude, incredible…

Really did suit the piece they provided you as well…

BTW what is this Digital Music thing you do? Is it like a Uni course?

thats really interesting man, iv heard making music for films etc is where money is made… really suits the video well and creates a good atmosphere for anticipation of the movie! was it hard to make?

Thanks guys! The course I do (or did, im in my last month) is a 2 year advanced digitial musician course with ‘Access To Music’, there are a few centres across the country they’re really good, it’s part time college course and in a lot of cases you can get help with the cost of the course, i managed to get it free luckily apart from a small admin fee.

It was actually really interesting being given the projects because it made me step outside the box a bit, instead of always creating what I normally create, it got me to think differently and research different sounds as well as create them.

Was it hard? Well the bacardi advert was quite easy for me as it’s kinda my genre style but the dnb one I had to listen to some dnb tracks and get a general idea, but only really because i have absolutely no idea or clue about the genre really.

Thanks for checking it out though and commenting, I appreciate that :smiley:

I’d quite like to try and do music to media, it could be a good angle to actually make money, it’s just getting in there i suppose.

haha, this is awesome, good job :smiley:

I really like the track mate, but I think it’s a bit too fast for the images that are being presented. I watched it twice just to make sure, especially after seeing all the comments about it too.

I think if it was slowed down a little then it would have fit perfectly but this is just my opinion. Well done on creating it though dude it must have been weird writing to images rather than a blank canvas!