Music To Work To

Hi everyone,

I know this is dull, but what music could you recommend to work to? I tend to listen to ‘Stars of the Lid’ mostly, but am starting to get a bit bored of the same old stuff. Is there anything in a similar vein you could recommend that could unlock the powers of the mind?


i like to listen to classical music when at work or when im reading, mozart is my favorite

Chopin when reading and working, trance when I am in a hurry to get somewhere, old school techno when I have housework to do, jazz when cooking


Too many sub genres to mention, but has a good selection of different sub genres of house (funky, electro, tech, disco, soulful, etc, etc) dependant on mood.

pantera for the gym, sade for mr nasty time :slight_smile:

[quote]tommyt (29/04/2010)[hr]sade for mr nasty time :)[/quote]

Oh yeah I find The Couteau Twins pretty good for that

Ha! Cheers guys - some VERY interesting suggestions. The thread has taken a new direction I never thought it would when I started it!

I’m thinking of music that you could recommend that could help me concentrate more than anything else - I’ve got a big project I’m writing for uni and am working in a local library where there’s quite a lot of noise. I’ve found droney ambient is best at the moment (hence Stars of the Lid). Any other music that is similar to this?


PS - Is there a bug in the new website? I’ve set this thread to email me when new posts are made, but I’ve not received anything through yet.

its kinda of cheesy but i really like doing reading to the first enigma cd

[quote]tommyt (29/04/2010)[hr]its kinda of cheesy but i really like doing reading to the first enigma cd[/quote]


Sorry i just spat out my tea then hahaha :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:



dont hate on enigma roben

Sorry bro, it was just that mental image of you sat there listening to enigma… well this mostly:

[url=]- YouTube

thats the secon cd, im talking about the first, its in a whole different league if you ask me

Star of the Lid-ish type stuff as follows:

Not quite as drone-y but still…

Twilight Rainfalls by Anders Ilar (Google it and the first hit you get will take you to a free download)

Selected Ambient Works 85-92 by Aphex Twin

Amber by Autechre

Incunabula by Autechre

Patashnik by Biosphere

Substrata by Biosphere

Anything at all by Brian Eno

Kiss of the Dragon (Symphony for Isabelle) soundtrack by Craig Armstrong

From Here We Go Sublime by The Field





all by Gas and all similar to Stars

Memoirs of a Geisha by John Williams

Chill Out by The KLF

Where You Go I Go Too by Lindstrom

Northern Lights by Motionfield

a brilliant album and free too. Again Google it and first link takes you to free download

Hero soundtrack by Tan Dun

Lifetracks by Tom Middleton

Last Resort


by Trentemoller

Arrivals by Worriedaboutsatan

That about covers my working to music

My wife says anything by Deuter - new age. Hmm.

I use “tasha killer pussies” “shake n vac” when I do the housework. she’ll put you in a spin!

This site has lots of excellent mixes.

Lots of spacey nu-disco. Great for working too.

Cheers guys - you’re all stars! Especially jonsloan - christ that list must have taken you ages to post up! Much appreciated my friend - there are plenty you’ve suggested there that I’ve not tried yet.

I went ahead and bought Star of the Lid’s ‘And Their Refinement of the Decline’ yesterday on CD. I’ve already got it on mp3 but I’ve been listening to it so much recently its rapidly becoming one of my all time favourite albums. There are moments on there that are absolutely sublime, in my humble opinion.

Autechre are also magnificent - I’ve been getting into their more mental stuff over the last few weeks, so I’d be interested in hearing their calmer stuff.

Any more suggestions would be greatly received. :slight_smile:

Kruder and Dorfmeister’s K&D Sessions… still.

I think I saw that one in my mate’s CDs knocking about somewhere. I’ll see if he can lend it me.

When doing my college work I normally put on some hardhouse/nrg or radio 1