MUSS SINT HEVVE, synth tech no?

hi people

please comment on this track


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Hey mate ,your defo (s’cuse the pun )

on the right track and im sure your aiming for dirty fat techno  most of your track is great but i.m.o (as techno to me goes ) id put in some more rhythm variations and maybe lose the skiping bass …what i mean is side chain your sub bass with  your kick to get that pulsing sound and i think you would be well away man… really good effort dude 7/10:)

thanks egg, do you mean more percussion/rhythm variations?

[quote]mussi81 (1/20/2010)[hr]thanks egg, do you mean more percussion/rhythm variations?[/quote]

Yeah man  i think your track would defo benefit  from variations i change the rhythm when it starts to sound too repetative .

I can’t offer too much advice but I feel the synth that comes in at 45 secs is a tad sudden compared to how the hole track gradually evovles. Also this track would be really difficult to mix out with the huge climax right at the end, I feel that you would just need to unwind a tad before ending the track with some drums.