Must intoruce myself with the help of song ;D

Oh Haiii! :w00t:

Never saw you there!

Only joined Sonic Academy, it’s pretty fraykin cool! :slight_smile:

Goin to subscribe properly for a year when I get back home.

Love feedback on these songs. I only began producing in july so a lot of my stuff is weak but think I’m improving… Slightly xD.

Crystal Castles remix

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds


SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Stay clear of other songs on my soundcloud though :L, thar be uncharted waters D: … cough songfail.

Thanks [=

Love yas!

PS, I can’t spell :smiley: hence title failure-ness!

Welcome to the community,

Haha just a heads up Myon and Shane54 beat you to your track Haze.

Sampled from the Vengeance library !

Christ! :crazy: Thanks for the heads up.

Feel like a right tool, Must scrap that one.

Thanks for the welcome man :slight_smile:

dude honestly ud be surprised on how many pros sample their **** ! Like I have collected Sample Libraries over time, producer packs, and I was like wtf,!

I remember an interview with Deadmau5 chattin about exactly that.

I now fear loops after this :')