Mustard Pimp's synths, tech tip maybe?

Mustard Pimp make some wicked synths, I can get some so-so imitations but some tips would be helpful on making it sound just right.

For this one it sounds like there’s maybe a pulse wave stacked on the bass? But I can’t get anything sounding nearly that smooth. Then there’s that lead stab playing under it too.

Same sort of thing here, the lead/bass notes are identical but the synths are stacked really well.

Start by de-tuning your layers. They will fill the spectrum better and it won’t sound so seperated…

Thanks man, I’ve been messing around with it a bit for the last couple days and although detuning the crap out of a couple oscillators does help with the tone, I’m still missing something.

When I detune a lot (I’m using sylenth) the synth seems to get a bit too airy and loses defenition, and while I can tidy it up a bit with EQ and such, I can’t get that nice clean-but-detuned pulse sound thing they have playing the main part in the Cherry song. It ends up too thin and sounds like I just threw a bunch of white noise on the top.

I’m probably missing something very obvious but I’d appreciate any more advice :slight_smile:

Sorry for bumping this up again I’m just really curious if anyone has any more tips, very big fan of these guys.

Try different waveforms then on your synths. IE, if you using a saw, try throwing a square and then filtering it down so its not so raspy… That might fill some of that empty space.