My 1st Remix: Progressive House Sex Machine a.k.a. Usher - Climax (The Geek Remix)

Very different than some of the other tracks I’ve done. Once again, an incredible SA tutorial paved the way. :slight_smile:

Feedback, comments, criticisms welcomed and encouraged. Here she is in all her glory!

This sounds awesome…this is your first?? Jeez…I have a lot of catching up to do lol.

Thanks! Yep, it’s numero uno! :slight_smile:

Great track!

Kick and bass sound great together! Nice synth release right before the first break at 1:00. At 1:29 the synth was a bit too loud, I couldn’t hear the vocals. But then again, the synths seem to power the track and the vocals just cruise along. At 4:08 the massive saws really drive the track to a erhm…CLIMAX! lol. Great track man, good work, I am impressed.

How long have you been producing?

Thank you. :slight_smile: To be fair a lot of how this remix was structured was based on an SA tutorial. I didn’t follow it exactly but structured it very closely after how it was done in the tutorial. I think it happened to fit this track very well so the results are good. :slight_smile:

Been producing about 9 months.