My 2nd Professional Release - 'The Twilight Ruby'

Hi everyone,
Its been a while. I’m really excited to announce my second professional release through Soundserfing Records, called ‘The Twilight Ruby’. This is high energy mainroom trance. I hope you enjoy it. Please do let me know what you think.

Open on Spotify here

Cool track overall :sunglasses:

Here’s some feedback, but don’t know if this might be useful since it’s already released.

Like the intro and first part 'till around 1:14, maybe less wooshes & Fx over time in this segment, but nice energy and elements in there working quite well.

A bit lost from 1:15 to 2:15, the synth melody introduced there sounds a bit off ( especially the 3 main repetitive notes ), this doesn’t occurs in part 2 after the break and drop down, so 2nd part works better for me.

The track is rather loud, that works on Soundcloud but seems the track was heavily squashed on Spotify because they use lossy audio files format for streaming. You might want to pay attention to your final master LUFS and True Peaks values before sending a track to Spotify. Unfortunately, each platform have their own normalization criterias :confused:

Think Spotify has an article about this on this page.

This online Loundness Penalty Analyzer might help as well.

All of that said, keep it up and congrats for your new release :+1:

Cheers :sunglasses:

Thanks. The Label mastered the track and sent it out to Spotify and Beatport etc… I don’t do any of this. Maybe pre-master was too loud but I gave them enough headroom to work on it. I’ll keep an eye on it for my next track which won’t be anything like this :slight_smile:

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Also want to share this and inspire all students at the Sonic Academy. Despite the 'mixed feedback :slight_smile: from Tekalight, the track is number 5 in the Beatport top 100 trance releases. So don’t worry if your track isn’t perfect, and do take on feedback from experienced on this forum. Keep persisting.