My Bass Line No Sound

Hey I have tried uninstalling Logic Pro x as well as Ana 2. But this error of no sound coming out of my speakers keeps coming up in only one of my baselines. It is 32 beats long; I think that’s the only issue I can see regarding why the Ana 2 plug in isn’t working for that channel. I have tried everything else :slight_smile:

Hi there :wink:

Might be a tricky one to troubleshoot TBH.

Obvious Logic checks : Channel audio routing and any volume automation on this channel ??

On ANA 2 side of things :

  • Is this happening each time you Play/Pause logic playback ?

if that’s the case, then open up ANA 2 GUI ( and also the Oscillators Mixer → see example pic ) and check if you can maybe spot a knob, fader or setting that’s resetting to zero or default each time you Play/Pause Logic playback pressing your computer keyboard Space bar.

If you spot a setting that’s resetting, Right Click on it and then Click on “Remove CC: value

  • What version of ANA 2 are your running and is it the Slate Digital or Sonic Academy version ?

Latest S.A version is v2.5.2 and latest S.D version is v2.5.1, so please check if ANA 2 is up to date.

  • Is this happening with a specific preset only or also with other presets ?
  • You might want to “Save as” your preset from ANA 2 menu before changing preset to test this.
  • Do you have the same issue when using the same preset in a brand new empty Logic project ?