My Credit Cards Will Not Work

OKay so I was going to be a subscriber yesterday with my dad’s credit card but it wouldn’t work.

So today I went to put more money on my debit card and it gave me the same message when I tried just 10 minutes ago.

Is it because I like in the United States of America?

I really want help from here, so someone please help.

will get our accounts team to have a look at this for you!

Are you saying I should talk to my bank?

And see what the issue is?

Oh wait you said you will look at for me.


I hope it works asap.

if you send me your bank details i’ll sort it out for you, i’ll also need you NI number, D.O.B mothers maiden name, your first, last and middle names and your birth Cert :smiley:

Haha very funny.

is this problem sorted yet bud?

We also need to know your sign, favorite color, and what you like better… He-Man or GI Joe? :smiley: