My first attempt at extracting my own samples and composing

Hey everybody…I’m still in the scheme of things relatively new to the art of music production, but I would be really interested criticism that would help me know what I’m doing well as well as what I’m doing poorly and how I can address it.

This song was my first attempt at extracting samples from other songs and building them into one larger, comprehensive track. At times, this track got away from me, and it seems a little schizo in parts.

I guess this would live somewhere in the house/electronica/jungle genre, but the least favorite part of musicmaking for me is classifying it after the fact.

Thanks for your listens and feedback!

Hi Neil mate,

Just had a listen to your track. WOW! That has got to be the most original track I have ever heard!

Random as you like! :hehe:

I would have maybe looked at filtering the flute loop in so that it gradually comes to your attention. I like the drums and you seem to have a grasp on transitions with the drums so all good.

Just keep at it mate. Unfortunately I cant really give you production advice like EQ, Reverb etc as I’m still trying to get my head around that monster myself!

You’ve defo got a niche in the market of “gothic-rock-pixie-funk” though :cool:

I wanna hear more!!!